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Marine wildlife protection is a cause that the team of South Pacific Helicopters deem as incredibly important and deserving of our whole support. That is why we have partnered up with Dr. Krista van der Linde and her marine wildlife not-for-profit research project MoanaMark to aid her amazing work of our incredible marine wildlife. 

Moana Mark

A new, not-for-profit organisation that is raising donations to support research projects that dramatically improve marine environment, by Marine Mammal Biologist Dr. Krista van der Linde.

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Dr. Krista van der Linde has witnessed many businesses benefiting from their local environment without knowing how to give back to in a meaning- and impactful manner. That is why she has founded MoanaMark - to make a difference to the local, marine wildlife. 

MoanaMark is a certificate that recognizes local businesses and individual who are supporting the organisation with donations. It enables the community to fund local marine projects together and to make a difference to their home.

Kaikōura is also MoanaMark’s founding region because of the incredible marine mammal populations, its booming tourism industry, and the lack of research projects.

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South Pacific Helicopters proudly supports the following, local charities, communities and projects.

  • Cancer Society Charity Ball
  • Kaikōura Cancer Club
  • Kaikōura Rugby Club
  • St John’s Kaikōura Building Fund
  • Kaikōura Community Pool Build
  • Kaikōura Coast Guard
  • 48 Hours in Kaikōura Photo Competition
  • Kaikōura Collie Club
  • Cold Water Classic Surf Competition
  • Cactus Youth
  • Kaikōura Golf Club
  • Kaikōura Hunting Competition
  • Fundraiser Suburban School WhaleRun
  • Uplift in kind

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