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Allow 40 mins

Forty minute flight including landing up the coast of Kaikoura to view incredible and unique geological sights from the 2016 earthquake. Sights include Clarence Valley, Hapuku Dam, and the Papatea Fault.

Come join us for a scenic tour to view some of the effects of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake which occurred in November 2016 here in Kaikoura.

Over two years have passed since the midnight earthquake, and so much has changed here in Kaikoura, with a massive recovery effort to return the highway back to fully functioning, and allow everyone to easily reach our amazing town. 

Some of the sights you can see during your flight include the Papatea Fault, which is visible along the coastline heading out into the sea, and the coastal uplift which was up to 6 meters in some points.

We take you through the Clarence River Valley and up into the mountains for a landing at the turquoise waters of the Hapuku Lake, a gem that was created during the earthquake. 

This trip showcases the unique geology of the Kaikoura area, and shows you some of the effects of the incredible earthquake that trigerred over 20 faults to erupt, changing the landscape and environment forever. 


  • Locally owned & operated
  • NZ Must Do experience
  • Exclusive landing sites
  • Highly trained Pilots
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Incredible scenic views
  • Unique geological sights
  • Alpine landing high in the Kaikoura ranges

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A stunning way to see the geological and environmental changes to Kaikoura

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