Discover the incredible views with our Kaikōura Scenic Flights

We offer exclusive landing sites available only to South Pacific Helicopters, featuring unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean, the Kaikōura Mountain Ranges, and the Kaikōura Peninsula. All our tours can be customized to create that unforgettable experience. Choose from one of our Kaikōura Scenic Flight packages today.

Coastal Escape

Allow 35 min

From NZ $425.00

An incredible scenic flight to view the wonders of Kaikōura


Allow 40 mins

From NZ $275.00

Our exclusive flight that showcases natures force and the unique geology


Allow us to make your dreams come true.

From NZD $1000.00

Make us your something New!

Pacific to Peak

Allow 35 minutes

From NZD $250.00

Experience a secluded landing with stunning 360 degree views