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Excellent conditions and superb flight. Interactive pilot who was knowledgeable, informative and interested in making the tour safe , exhilarating and memorable. Thanks South Pacific Choppers....really enjoyed the experience and learnt something as well. Cheers

ChrisM13350, TripAdvisor

Our "Ultimate Adventure" with Peter (our pilot) was an amazing experience that we couldn't recommend more highly..!! Seeing our first Sperm Whale, Seal Colony and then the extra stops on top of Fyyfe Summit and down to the "Hidden Lake" was something that we'll remember forever...! They accommodated our schedule, the weather and made the trip awesome, Peter was extremely knowledgable and welcoming...what more could you want..! Thanks for a great time, Paul & Jeanne.

iddpaul, TripAdvisor

Booked two flights in early March 2019. Before the 1st one I visited their office in the centre of Kaikoura where I received all the detailed information. When I reached the airport all the staff treated me with special care. I shared I would love to see a blue whale someday and knew they sighted one 2 weeks before. The flight was words to describe the feelings of viewing the ocean, its living organisms (sperm whales, dolphins, marine birds, fish), and the wonderful coastal zone of Kaikoura. The second flight would be two days later. the following day I received a phone call from their office sharing the news that a blue whale was spotted around, sharing the info that there was room in a flight 1 hour later, and asking if I would like to anticipate my second tour. Thanks to the South Pacific Helicopters NZ I had the amazing pleasure/emotion to see a live female-calf blue whale pair. It is one of the most incredible experiences of my life! Special thanks to the team, from the reception and very kind attention from Fiona Wardle (a blue ocean of thanks!!!), to the ability and competence of both pilots who conducted both flights in the best and safer manner. I recommend this tour to everyone. It is worthwhile!!! And for sure you'll count with the nest team!

Marcos, Facebook Review

Dan, the owner, took us on an amazing whale watch trip. Not on,y did we see the sperm whale, he took us along the coast to see many dolphins. From there we flew through the valleys and pecks and landed on top of a peck to see a beautiful view of Kaikoura. We highly recommend this tour. You won’t be disappointed!

Mombo1950, TripAdvisor

A brilliant well managed, well explained trip, detail of the habit and life of Sperm Whales with short video and safety instruction, then a flight for us to see Sperm Whale's, Dolphins, and then land at a vantage point over Kaikoura, for a good photo shoot of the area, before returning to airfield.Thank you all very much, a good team effort.

Chip, Google Reviews

We headed off over water fairly close to shore and saw dolphins, schools of fish and various birdlife. Whales had been scarce the previous few days but we weren't bothered by this. Instead of going further out to sea, we decided to fly over to the mountains and land on snow. We had a beautiful view over Mount Fyffe to the Pacific Ocean and our 4-year-old son couldn’t have been happier throwing snow balls at mum and dad. Dan and the team at South Pacific Whales are friendly and professional and we had an awesome experience.

Brendan72, Gold Coast, Australia

Amazing way to not only see whales but also the beauty of the nature around. Dan was an amazing pilot and an entertaining guide. We saw two whales and had a wonderful time!

Tatyana R, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Seeing whales was one of the main reasons we went to Kaikoura. Amazing time in the air,. We flew around the sperm whale. With the lower morning light we were even able to see the Sperm whale's pectoral fins, and the size of the head, something missed from the boats. A great pilot, he allowed other aircraft to come in but managed the timing to have us directly over the whale when it surfaced and again when it dived.

216Gayle2, Greater Melbourne, Australia

The pilot was so kind with us. We saw one whale, and was such an exciting experience. The scenery is stunning. Go for it

Charliee999, Milano

Wow. Dan, Rachael & Yolanda were the loveliest staff but I'm sorry guys, those 3 Blue Whales stole the show. I've never been so close to such a mejesric creature. Watching these whales feed was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. We even got a cheeky smile as one bobbed it's head out of the water. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Evelyn V, Vancouver, Canada