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Kaikoura has a year round Sperm Whale and dolphin population, as well as other frequently visiting whale species. We have a long history of operation and a fantastic success rate. Our pilots are trained to spot whales and are familiar with their surfacing and breathing habits. We ask our customers to understand that these whales are wild animals, free to roam in their natural environment. Because we have no control over their movements, whale sightings cannot be guaranteed.

We welcome all ages on South Pacific Helicopter flights, there is no minimum age. Each child will be fitted with a protective head set and life jackets if necessary. Infants aged 0 to 2 years of age fly free of charge, provided they are seated on a parent or caregiver’s lap.

We recommend phoning ahead if you foresee weather being an issue or would like to check the weather conditions before your flight. Rain isn’t normally an issue for our pilots, however if on the odd occasion we are unable to fly due to weather conditions, we will do our best to reschedule your flight. Alternatively if rescheduling your flight is not an option, we are happy to refund your ticket price. The pilot reserves the right to cancel or adjust any trip due to weather conditions.

Flying is a great way to see Kaikoura’s marine wildlife- it is incredibly safe, offers superb viewing and is perfect if you have limited time available. From the air you are able to see the entire whale, as well as get around to different whales and species that are in the area. Viewing from above also allows you the extra bonus of an incredible scenic flight, and Kaikoura is a gorgeous backdrop! If flying really isn’t your thing though, then the Whale Watch boats are another wonderful alternative.

We are located in a fully wheelchair accessible building and are able to take those with limited mobility on all flights. Contact our team to dicuss the particulars.