Kaikoura's Ultimate Helicopter Experiences

At South Pacific Whale Watch, we cater for all holiday-makers with amazing helicopter experiences which take you out to sea, up into the air, or down to inspect the land in the beautiful Kaikoura region.


If your main goal is to get as high in the air as you possibly can and access some of the most engaging views the Kaikoura region and South Island have to offer, an hour-long Alpine Escape experience is the adventure for you. 

On this heli-tour, we’ll take you up into the snowy tops of the Kaikoura mountain ranges - you’ll discover the thrill of exclusive alpine and snow landings with picturesque views across to the Southern Alps on one side, and out to the South Pacific on the other! Because of the changing nature of these mountaintops and their terrain, and the fact that our helicopters are able to access the most remote parts of these mountains, it’s very likely that we’ll be landing somewhere where no one has ever walked before!


Another popular scenic tour is our Aftershock Adventure, where we spend 40 minutes on a flight that showcases nature’s force through the geological and environmental changes around Kaikoura, focussing on the residual effects of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. 

As we were a part of the immediate relief and surveying teams after the earthquake itself, we know first-hand the change it had on Kaikoura’s landscape. The Aftershock Adventure provides a unique experience for curious adventurers, while we use our helicopter to reveal hard-to-access areas you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see like our Hapuku Lake known as 'Quake Lake'. This tour is most popular with those interested in seismology, geology or the Kaikoura region.


Our whale watch experiences over the sea are some of our most popular experiences due to the mighty whales that are prevalent in the Kaikoura area year-round. For those who want a quick view of these amazing aquatic mammals, you can start with our whale-watching Explorer flight: a 30-minute introductory trip takes you to where the whales are, after which we will slowly circle around so you can see these magnificent animals from tip to tail.

For anyone who wants a more-thorough helicopter experience at sea, our 45-minute Ocean Safari experience and 60-minute Premier trip each give you progressively more time above the sea, letting us locate and visit other amazing marine wildlife in the Kaikoura area such as common, hector, and bottlenose dolphins, and New Zealand fur seals. If you’re an ocean wildlife enthusiast, these will be the experiences for you!

If you’re interested in any of the heli-tour packages we’ve mentioned above, our other helicopter experiences including scenic coastal flights, activities such as heli-hunting and fishing, or our unforgettable heli-wedding package, then contact South Pacific Whale Watch today and take the first step towards your dream Kaikoura adventure!

Posted by South Pacific Helicopters on October 01, 2018