In tune with the whales

With serious threats being faced by global warming and a dearth of natural resources the world over, it’s time for everyone to do their part and take steps to protect the environment and its natural resources.

Businesses especially have a huge responsibility to ensure their practices do not cause irreparable damage to the environment. Here at South Pacific Whale Watch, we have committed ourselves to safeguarding the environment by taking several important green steps.

Doing our bit for the environment has always been a priority for us, and our responsibility shows in the way we learn, operate and act. We as a business take pride in running sustainable operations and practicing eco-friendly behaviour. We are primarily a helicopter company (South Pacific Helicopters NZ, trading as South Pacific Whale Watch), and as such we have made it a priority to ensure that the aircrafts we buy are more eco-friendly and eco-efficient. Our Eurocopter models, EC120 and AS350 B3 are fuel efficient, and guarantee noise reduction. In fact, the in-cabin noise levels are so low that you can enjoy conversing while watching whales during the flight. This is a great factor when we hover over the marine whales, not only because it allows you to get the best undisturbed views but also because it protects the whales from disturbance.

Posted by South Pacific Helicopters on October 19, 2018