5 Great reasons why you should visit Kaikōura this Winter.

With our borders closed and a lack of international visitors there is no better time to start exploring our own backyard. What a unique opportunity to reconnect with the land and the people nearest to us and in a much more intimate way.


1. Kaikōura is a true winter wonderland. With the epic seaward Kaikōura mountain range covered in a thick blanket of snow there is no better time to take to the skies and why not add a landing to play in the snow! 

2. Winter is also arguably one of the best seasons to join us whale watching. During the winter months we see our resident Sperm Whales venture closer inshore, it is believed that this change in foraging grounds correlates to a shift in prey.  This means less travel time and more whale time!



3. From mid May all the way through to late July, Kaikōura also becomes part of the Humpback Highway. It is not unusual to be spotting humpbacks daily during these months of the year as they make their way from the frigid waters of Antarctica to the warm waters of the tropics. Many also using Kaikōura as rest stop for a couple of days.

4. It's not just great whale watching. During the winter months is also the best time of year to witness super pods of Dusky Dolphins, reaching up to 2000 dolphins strong, this sight is something worthy of a David Attenborough documentary! 

5. Get to know us locals! Wildlife and humans alike! We may be biased but we think we are a pretty great bunch, we all have the time, and love a chat! Take the opportunity to connect with our local community and learn about our local history. And if you're not a people person? Head to the peninsula lookout to visit the other locals... the New Zealand Fur seals. Winter is a great time to watch the pups play! 

6. Ok so we know we said 5 reasons but we couldn’t resist mentioning our close proximity to our friends at Mt Lyford Ski field or Hanmer Springs . Head down the slopes or enjoy a soak in the natural hot pools to complete your trip away! 


There’s no beating a beautiful crisp winters day in Kaikōura. So what are you waiting for ? Jump in your car and head our way, we know you won’t take much convincing to stay! 

Posted by South Pacific Helicopters on May 16, 2020